Why Choose TeKnowNOW?


We know our customers. So often today, IT groups farm out their service offerings to other providers and third-party vendors. We believe in knowing our customers thoroughly. While we do use other providers at times, our customers only deal with their account engineer for all issues from open to close. Even the smallest support issue passes through the customer’s account engineer and all communication including billing questions are handled by this single point of contact for the customer. Imagine that!


If you do not need it, we will not recommend it. We do not have a sales division in the traditional sense. So often commissioned sales teams push products based on manufacturer campaigns. We do not participate in these efforts. Our philosophy is that we become your representative, resource, and adviser. If it is not a good fit, we will not consider the solution. Each customer's situation is very different, and we want to ensure the best outcomes that are realistically affordable and produce the most optimal results in performance and future viability.


We are certified small and medium sized business experts. Our teams have extensive experience in Enterprise, Medium, and Small environments. This is important for our customers as each solution should be designed for the size and projected growth of the system's life-cycle. Start too small and you will spend a fortune and time adjusting and tweaking. You have probably experienced that before, let's not do that.

Teknownow has strong partnerships with Microsoft, Lenovo, Adtran, Ring Central, and Yealink.


People love us. We are not your stereotypical IT group...sitting in the dark and wearing the same clothes for two days in a row playing computer games. We are well adjusted and sociable. Most of us are even fun to go to happy hour with.... mostly.


We make it happen. We offer financing, leasing, creative payment plans and with managed cloud solutions, we can incorporate development and customization costs into your annual or monthly subscription payments. Our manufacturers and suppliers will usually offer special deals to our customers when we ask. We will provide you with a high level estimate up front, and then work our magic from that point to get the best outcome for you. Who does that? We do! 

Since 2012, we’ve been providing IT expertise to small businesses in the construction, manufacturing, and shipping sectors, as well as to service providers like HVAC companies, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and exterminators.
But any small- or medium-sized office environment can benefit from our round-the-clock, proactive IT support, our cost-saving cloud solutions, and our consulting on anything and everything related to optimizing your work office IT environment through trans-formative technology.
Based in Addison, TX, TeKnowNOW IT Solutions and Support is pleased to partner with businesses throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, North Texas, and across the United States.
Our client base is growing every day. The word has gotten out: we take customer service as seriously as we do technology. Partner with us today, and see how an optimized IT environment can transform your business.

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