We’ll keep your apps updated and always available.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) plans deliver applications and computing resources over the internet while our team manages its security and functionality remotely. Our SaaS plans save you money on the licensing and purchasing of costly new software and are automatically upgraded as improvements become available.

These upgrades and updates — including security patches — are performed completely in the background, so they never interfere with your workflow, greatly reducing the time and money that tedious tasks like installing, managing, and upgrading software that would otherwise take from your team. With SaaS, your entire staff can focus on more pressing matters.

Saas from TeKnowNOW gives you:

  • More time – more time spent on the pressing matters of your business and less on installing, managing, and upgrading your software and apps
  • More money – reallocate resources to where they’re needed when you reduce the cost of new software acquisitions
  • Improved maintenance & support – with virtualization in the Cloud, we monitor and maintain performance remotely, and solve problems immediately
  • Mobility – with your apps stored in and accessible from the Cloud, you and your team can get work done wherever you are

...they are so efficient with proactive maintenance and monitoring that they know about any hiccups before anyone may even notice them most times. The response time is incredible. Our last company only addressed our issues once a week for a few hours, but TeKnowNOW addresses them almost instantly ...Read More

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