Managed IT Services

All your IT, managed and fully-optimized, for a fixed fee

TeKnowNOW IT Solutions and Support offers three tiers of managed IT packages, with individual constituent services also available on an à la carte basis, giving you more flexibility in choosing the technical support you need. Pick a bundled package or individual IT services and pay for only what you use.

Whatever you choose, we'll help with your IT so you can focus on your business. Our proactive approach to service and support means most issues get resolved before you even notice them. We’ll even send you a comprehensive CIO-level report each month detailing the effectiveness of your purchased service(s), so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. Contact us today for more information on each of our support tiers.

Our Managed IT Support tiers are as follows:

  • Essential IT Support – Day-to-day IT reporting, asset management, and support
  • Proactive Support – Optimized system performance and disruptive issue prevention
  • Managed Support – Top-tier, fully-outsourced IT solutions and support

...they are so efficient with proactive maintenance and monitoring that they know about any hiccups before anyone may even notice them most times. The response time is incredible. Our last company only addressed our issues once a week for a few hours, but TeKnowNOW addresses them almost instantly ...Read More

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