Keep your IT current without splurging on every new gadget

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) is a relatively new service in the IT world, and it offers a powerful way for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to take advantage of the latest technologies while still controlling their costs. With computer chip processing power now doubling about every eighteen months, constantly buying the latest piece of hardware quickly becomes untenable.

HaaS helps SMBs stay current with these rapidly evolving IT innovations while keeping within their budgets. By leveraging TeKnowNOW’s HaaS plans, you always stay upgraded and up to date with the latest technologies, plus you benefit from the increased security of having our IT experts proactively monitoring and maintaining your systems around-the-clock.


With Hardware-as-a-Service from TeKnowNOW, you get:

  • Reduced capital expenditure – eliminate large upfront expenditures on new hardware acquisitions and invest in affordable maintenance and upkeep instead
  • Always up-to-date equipment – updated hardware for the greater security of your infrastructure, eliminating the vulnerabilities that come with outdated systems
  • Improved maintenance & support – our proactive service model and ongoing support ensure your hardware is always operating at its best
  • Scalability – HaaS’s built-in scalability allows you to integrate new components and tools as your business grows and transforms
  • Improved Security – quick, easy, and affordable hardware implementation to thwart emerging threats

...they are so efficient with proactive maintenance and monitoring that they know about any hiccups before anyone may even notice them most times. The response time is incredible. Our last company only addressed our issues once a week for a few hours, but TeKnowNOW addresses them almost instantly ...Read More

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