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What is Managed 365?

Microsoft 365 comes in many different offerings. Each package is designed to fit a specific need. In some cases, an organization has on-premises resources such as servers, IT staff, security apparatus, and licensing agreements. For an organization that has these things, the most basic package is a good fit as they have other systems in place to manage security, support, integration, and ongoing optimization

Other organizations may not have any of these resources and a more comprehensive package is available for them that includes the productivity suite, collaboration tools, and a complete security system. There are packages in between that cover many different scenarios and combinations, and of course its all available a-la-carte as well.

Small business owners usually need a more comprehensive package, but even though these are hosted in The Microsoft Cloud, they do still require an IT professional to manage and administrate the modules on a daily basis. This is where our Managed 365 offerings come into play. We are experts in the small business IT arena and have developed these cost effective plans that deliver a complete solution for our customers. Some plans include 24/7 helpdesk for end users that need a lot of guidance. 

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