One of the most important considerations an  organization must tackle is how members connect to their data. Networks can be simple or complex, and if they are well designed, not much attention is payed If the network is poorly designed, it will be a daily topic of irritation and could lead to data theft, loss, and customer/employee confidence plummeting. 

New construction projects, moves to new or additional locations, or just a simple redesign of current services are all projects we work on a daily basis. Examining pain points a customer has today, analyzing traffic, usage, processes, and regulatory compliance needs are all things we take into consideration. 

  • Configuration of switches, wireless devices, servers, routers, modems and firewalls

  • Combing multiple domains

  • Data-center or server room routing adjustments

  • Distributed File Services (DFS)

  • Data Protection Services (DPS)

  • Messaging and collaboration solutions

  • E-mail configuration and support

  • Exchange migration or upgrades

  • Secure tunnels (dynamic or static) and VPN solutions

  • Internet bandwidth management

  • Setup of load balancing or server clusters

  • Disaster recovery sites

  • Spam and web filtering solutions

  • Software and hardware planning and deployment


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