Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is changing the way business gets done

Microsoft Azure is a constantly growing set of cloud services that help businesses meet the modern challenges of operating in a global, tech-driven marketplace. Because Azure is synced over the cloud, it offers the ability to build, maintain, and deploy applications on a massive, stable, global network.

As a Microsoft partner, TeKnowNOW can help deploy and manage your apps and existing IT projects as well as offer ready-made or custom solutions for your business. With no upfront costs, Azure’s pricing and purchasing options are as flexible as the cloud itself: only pay for what you use.

With TeKnowNOW and Microsoft Azure you gain:

  • Flexibility – You can design the level of functionality you need with pay-as-you-consume services
  • Compliance – Data stored on Microsoft Azure’s cloud is always compliant with industry regulations
  • Disaster Recovery – Azure’s regional and global failover options, rolling reboots, and hot/cold standby modes mean you stay online all the time
  • Regular Updates – With Azure, patches and updates are always automatic

...they are so efficient with proactive maintenance and monitoring that they know about any hiccups before anyone may even notice them most times. The response time is incredible. Our last company only addressed our issues once a week for a few hours, but TeKnowNOW addresses them almost instantly ...Read More

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