Eastside Exterminators Looks to TeKnowNOW to Revive Their Failing IT Environment

With unresolved malware issues constantly repeating, slow technologies, slow internet,and a failing server due to unresponsive support and inadequate implementation from their IT provider, Eastside Exterminators was facing extreme challenges. Thankfully,there was someone with the expertise and technical know-how capable of reviving their failing IT environment. TeKnowNOW quickly began assessing, planning, advising, and implementing solutions and strategies to get Eastside Exterminators back on track -allowing them to achieve their goals and reach some peace of mind.

In order for a business to survive nowadays, technology is imperative. It is vital that these businesses have the proper IT support to turn to. Ill fitting technologies and lack of support will leave a business facing significant challenges that could demolish its success.

The Situation: An IT Support Team Doing the Bare Minimum & Failing Technologies That Mandated a Change in IT Strategy!

As an extermination and pest control company with 30 office based employees and about 70employees in the field, it’s safe to say that Eastside Exterminators relies heavily on their technologies to carry out daily operations. Deanna Townsend, President at Eastside Exterminators elaborates:

“All of our customer accounts, work orders, communications, inventory, accounting, training and safety programs rely on information systems. Collaboration between field and office staff is imperative to our operation's efficiency and system reliability - it’s paramount to keep everyone working.

If any part of our operation loses access to our information systems we begin to take significant losses due to a loss in production.”

Unfortunately however, this is exactly what Eastside Exterminators began to see. Dealing with repeated malware issues that were never resolved, an email server that was blacklisted, slow computers, internet that was almost unusable, a failing server, and a server rack that had been installed so that the load bearing shelves were inverted - the extermination company was facing significant challenges with downtime.

Our IT company came once a week, but the issues we had were not getting resolved; then they explained to us that this is normal for companies. I met Elston at TeKnowNOW and he seemed shocked, so it made me wonder if maybe this isn't right at all.” says Townsend.

The Solution: A Proactive IT Strategy With Responsive, Accessible Support &Innovative Solutions to Cut Their Downtime By Almost 98%!

Upon meeting TeKnowNOW, Eastside Exterminators was having a hard time trying toimagine the speed, the reliability, and especially the possibility of their data reaching out to field service agents, that was being offered. Along with this, the worry that TeKnowNOW wouldn’t be able to handle a company their size loomed overhead. Although they didn't believe it, Eastside Exterminators came to the conclusion that as far as their IT was concerned,things couldn't get any worse and this was worth a shot.

Townsend continues, saying, “we discovered that they are so efficient with proactive maintenance and monitoring that they know about any hiccups before anyone may even notice them most times. The response time is incredible. Our last company only addressed our issues once a week for a few hours, but TeKnowNOW addresses them almost instantly most times.

It’s surprising how few people it takes to get a job done when they have the tools and skills.”

Their last IT company left them exposed, and did so for years. In three years with TeKnowNOW, Eastside Exterminators has only had 6 hours of partial downtime - compared to the 60 devastating hours of downtime that came along with their previous IT provider.

Among the improvements that TeKnowNOW has implemented to Eastside Exterminators’ IT environment to achieve positive internal change include:

  • Office 365.
  • PestPac CRM and Service platform hosted in their own private cloud - availableto all employees from anywhere in the world.
  • The ability for customers to log in and pay their bills 24/7.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of computers and phones.
  • Responsive, accessible support; questions are just an email or phone call away.

The Outcome: An IT Partnership That Understands Their Business & Offers Them Services They Didn’t Even Know Existed!

Since working with TeKnowNOW, Eastside Exterminators has seen significant benefits.

Townsend beams, “I would absolutely recommend a full solution from TeKnowNOW to any business owner.”

Now equipped with systems that are reliable, fast, secure, and safe from disaster, Eastside Exterminators appreciates the fact that TeKnowNOW is constantly looking out for their best interest. Along with this, TeKnowNOW has been able to confidently offer advice in areas traditional IT had no knowledge in, such as PCI compliance, HR personnel compliance issues,as well as business process and workflows. Townsend remarks, “we get so much from them and our efficiency is incredible. Our office was chaotic, loud, and confusion was just a big part of our busy season. If you visit our offices during the busy season now, you would never even know we are at our highest point of the year in productivity as it’s so calm and quiet now.”

On behalf of Eastside Exterminators, Townsend shows appreciation for the proactive stancethat TeKnowNOW has taken to help them reach their goals, saying in regards to otherbusinesses... “if they aren't already using TeKnowNOW than they had better hurry up and doso or they are missing out on security, efficiency, advice, and services to help their businessgrow and succeed that they probably don't even know exist.”

Our expert team here at TeKnowNOW can provide your business with proactive solutionsand advice to help you reach success!To discover how we can maximize the security,efficiency, and reliability of your IT environment, call us at 425-949-4799 or send us an email:info@teknownow.com

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