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TeKnowNOW IT Solutions and Support has bases in Everett, WA and Addison, TX but we’re pleased to partner with companies throughout The Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, all of North Texas, and Washington State!

Since 2012, when we decided to share our technology knowledge, we’ve been providing IT expertise to small businesses in the construction, manufacturing, and shipping sectors, as well as to services providers like HVAC companies, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and exterminators.

But any small or medium-sized office environment can benefit from our round-the-clock proactive IT support, our cost-saving cloud solutions, and our consulting on anything and everything related to optimizing your productivity.

Our client base is growing every day because word’s gotten out: we take customer service as seriously as we do technology. Come join us.

Elston Garrison

Lead Cloudscaper + Network Engineer

SMB Cloudscaper, Network Engineer, Digital Transformation Specialist
Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Nice to meet you! As the Lead Engineer at TeKnowNOW and Account Manager for all of our Dallas area customers I have a hand in every project and support incident. I work on day to day issues as much as possible as we are experimenting with a new business model that cuts out non-technical sales teams and inexperienced support desk representatives. My background is in IT Network Design, Implementation, Support, and Integration specialist. IT Generalist and Cloud Enablement Engineer and I've been in the trenches for the past 30 years. I began my career as a CNA in Novell Netware, and began working with Microsoft technologies and software solutions shortly after Windows NT debuted. .I have worked in almost every type of technical environment. There isn't much I have not encountered over the years in regards to projects, implementations, and troubleshooting problems.I have been a consultant, sales engineer, manager, and now I am a partner in a fresh new company that founded in 2012.

I decided to set out on my own because it has troubled me greatly over the years how many people I have encountered who were supposed to be knowledgeable in various technical disciplines, but once I began working with them it became evident that there was no real comprehension, only memorization. Memorizing answers has become the tech infrastructure's Achilles heel as increasingly we find inexperienced folks who don't have a complete and full grasp of today's technologies and can't visualize in their mind's eye what is really happening inside a computer or router or any other device and realize what is happening with the data and packets. These folks spend hours each week on hold with tech support when they were supposed to be your tech support.

I'm not bragging when I tell people that I don't just know which button to push or which pin to pull when a system is down, I actually know why that button needs to be pushed or the pin needs to be pulled. Information Technology is not mystical, it is logical, standardized, and predictable. If your systems are down for hours and your IT technician suddenly brings everything online but seems surprised, there's a good chance the outage was probably created by poor execution and a lack of understanding in the first place. When people call me, its because they are ready to stop wasting time and tons of money and are ready to have their IT systems boost productivity, automate processes, and be available and reliable.

My favorite non-technical things are my family and friends and my famous beagles! When I first launched the first phase of the company in 2011 I made my beagles famous with various ad campaigns and branding. If you are a long time customer you should remember some of these!

A Network Enginner and his dog

Elston and Bubba the First

Beagles securing computers

Our Kick Off managed services campaign banner

I have enjoyed working for the following organizations:

Network Analyst

Company Name Frontier Airlines



Senior Network Engineer

Company Name The San Diego Union Tribune

San Diego


Senior Network Engineer

Company Name Laureate Education

Los Angeles


Sr. LAN Analyst

Princess Cruises

Los Angeles


Network Administrator

SunGard (Transenergy Management - Altra - Caminus)

Houston, Texas

Systems Administrator

Company Name TransEnergy Management Inc.

Houston, Texas Area


Network Engineer

Company Name SynchroNet

Houston, Texas